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Commission Members

Roster for the New Mexico Children’s Court Improvement Commission

Updated June 1, 2015

Hon. Jennifer E. DeLaney, Co-Chair
Sixth Judicial District Court

Ezra Spitzer, Co-Chair
Director, New Mexico Child Advocacy Networks

Hon. Marie Ward
Incoming Chair (Jan.1, 2021)

Justice Barbara J. Vigil
New Mexico Supreme Court

Secretary Brian Blalock
Children, Youth, and Families Division

Marianne Padilla
Director of Children’s Cabinet

Secretary Dr. David Scrase
NM Health & Human Services Division

Secretary Ryan Stewart
NM Public Education

Senator Linda M. Lopez
NM State Senate (Majority Party)

NM State Senate (Minority Party)

Representative Susan K. Herrera
NM House of Representatives (Majority Party)

NM House of Representatives (Minority Party)

Designation Pending
New Mexico Court of Appeals

Hon. Bruce C. Fox
Tribal-State Court Consortium Representative

Shelly Bucher
Substitute Care Review Board

Leslie Jones
Respondents’ Attorney Representative

Beth Gillia, Director
Corrine Wolfe Children’s Law Center
University of New Mexico – Institute of Public Law

Krystal Goolsby
Youth Advocate representative

Loren Lujan
Foster Parent Representative

Nick J. Costales
Juvenile Justice Services 
N.M. Children, Youth & Families Department

​Youth Attorney Representative

Alison B. Pauk
​Public Defender

District Attorney

Shantell Gallegos
Foster Youth Advocate

Behavioral Health Youth Advocate

Rebecca Liggett
Chief Children’s Court Attorney
Children, Youth, & Families Department

Lt. Nicholas Sanders
Law Enforcement Representative (APD)

Hon. Angie K. Schneider
Children’s Court Judge (12th Judicial District)

Hon. Bradford J. Dalley
Children’s Court Judge (11th Judicial District)

Designation Pending
Children’s Behavioral Health Division
N.M. Children, Youth & Families Department

Designation Pending
CYFD Protective Services Division

Marty Braniff
Community Partner Representative

Honorable James Starzynski
Guardian ad Litem

James R. Sumrow
Parent Representative

Court Appointed Special Advocate

Youth Attorney

Council of School Superintendents

Statewide Education Representative